O-1 Visa Lawyer Representing Clients Worldwide including musicians, dancers, actors etc.

O-1 Visa Lawyer

If you are an actor, musician, singer, producer, director, athlete or a person with extraordinary abilities in your field of endeavor, the O-1 Visa may be the best option for you. Representing clients worldwide, we take pride in our success rate in all of our O-1 visa cases. Contact us now to see if you are qualified for an O-1 visa.

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Immigration lawyer for family immigration and family based petitions and visas

Family Immigration

Marrying a U.S. Citizen? Is your spouse already in the U.S.? Would you like to bring your fiancé, husband, wife, children, parents, brothers or sisters to the U.S.? We handle all family based immigration cases. Call us today to have an experienced immigration attorney review and prepare your case or contact us via the web now.

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Immigration Lawyer representing aliens with extraordinary abilities

EB-1 Green Card

As an alien with extraordinary abilities you may qualify for a green card. This is an employment visa classification that allows you and your family to live and work in the U.S. permanently and leads to U.S. Citizenship. Each EB-1 green card case is different. Call us now to see if you qualify. In most cases you'll know within minutes.

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Immigration Attorney in Los Angeles representing VAWA battered spouses

Battered Spouses

Married to an abusive USC or an LPR? If you are married to a U.S. Citizen or a Green Card holder and he or she is subjecting you to physical or emotional abuse contact our office even if you have entered the U.S. illegally. In certain cases you might qualify for a work permit while your case is pending and may apply for other benefits.

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K-1 Fiancé Visa

K-1U.S. citizens wishing to bring a foreign national fiancé living abroad to the United States to marry may file for a K-1 visa for them. Our immigration lawyers specialize in fiancé visa cases and have handled countless such cases. We handle your case from start to finish filing with the USCIS, working with the NVC and preparing your fiancé for the visa interview. Call us now to file today as the processing times vary greatly case by case. Read more..

L-1 Visa

L-1If you have a company overseas and are interested in opening a U.S. branch, an affiliate or a subsidiary, the L-1 Visa will allow you to come to the U.S. This visa also allows you to transfer an employee with specialized knowledge about your company or product to the U.S. Under the L-1A visa, an executive or a manager, might qualify for a green card as well. Our firm will further advise you on the proper entity to select.  Read more..

O-1 Visa

O-1If you are an actor, musician, singer, producer, director, athlete or a person with extraordinary abilities in your field of endeavor the O-1 Visa may be the best option for you. Initially granted for a period of up to 3 years, the O-1 may be extended for an unlimited number of times. We are experts in the O-1 visa field and will be happy to prepare and file your case in no time. We work with your petitioner, management and labor unions. Read more..

E-2 Investor Visas

E-2Treaty Investor E-2 visa is for a national of a country with which the United States maintains a treaty of commerce and navigation who is coming to the U.S. to develop and direct the operations of an enterprise in which the national has invested or is in the process of investing  capital under provisions of the INA. For a list of participating countries see below. If you do not find your country in the list, call us for another option. Read more..

Inadmissibility Waivers

WoIJust because you fall into one of the categories of inadmissibility does not mean you are absolutely barred from getting a green card or otherwise entering the U.S. Some grounds of inadmissibility may be legally excused or waived. This is a very complex area in immigration law and if facing an inadmissibility ground whether in the U.S. or overseas, call us now to speak to a lawyer for your case. Read more..

Delayed Application

DAIf you have applied for an immigration benefit such as Citizenship or Green Card and USCIS is unreasonably delaying your application, please contact our office. In most cases you may be able to file for a Writ of Mandamus in federal court to compel the USCIS to act on your case. We have a vast experience in this area will get your case immediately filed with the appropriate court. Read more..

U.S. Citizenship

U.S.If you have been a permanent resident for 3 years as a spouse of a U.S. Citizen, are a self petitioning spouse, or have been an lawful permanent resident for 5 years, you may apply for U.S. Citizenship. The naturalization process is rather straight forward and our office will prepare and file your case. Our lawyers in many cases accompany our clients to their naturalization interview.  Read more..

R-1 Visa

R-1R-1 Visa is a foreign national who is coming to the U.S. temporarily to be employed at least part time by a non-profit religious organization in the U.S. to work as a minister or in a religious vocation or occupation. To qualify for an R1 visa, the foreign national must have been a member of a religious denomination having a bona fide non-profit religious organization in the U.S. Read more..